Pokemon and Pokestops that you can personalize

Pokemon Go is the biggest phenomenon of recent times, and if you wonder how seriously people can take this game, you should see how groups of fans are looking for these fun creatures even in churches. At the moment, developers want to focus a little also on Pokestops, to brings them to the fore.

The manager stated that for him is more interesting and exciting to do Pokestops most important. He also mentioned that it will be interesting to see how players alter the function of a Pokestop. Indeed, it is a very clever idea that now fans of this game can buy an object that can change the game function of a Pokestop and give it a new skill. One of these functions can transform them in healing Pokecentre.

Of course, they have focused on some of the game design decisions. What is very interesting is that many parts of the game are good and also bad intentioned. When Hardwick (the founder of the game) complained that he needs to leave the house to catch something, Hanke told him that there are many fans in this world who after they had dinner they go out. Indeed, this is a good way to make people exercise in a fun way. Unfortunately, many players have taken this game to the edge, and when I say edge I am also referring to the edge of buildings, putting themselves in real danger. This aspect of the game I may admit that I don't like since kids have access to this game and they can harm themselves trying to catch some Pokemon.

This is exactly what captivates Hanke; this game offers a pleasant alternative and also interactive to get people out of the house and to become familiar with the surroundings. Everything he said is perfectly true and most people use actually this game as an excuse to get out to see their city and to have some fun with their friends.

I have played this game, but only for a little while because I need to admit that at some point I have become a little addictive and at that moment I have decided to uninstall it from my phone. But nothing to say regarding to this game, is super fun!